Woops, I'm half a month late. I should really give more thought about maintaining this place. Soon, the Exquisistic box will be 5 years old. :D I can't imagine that I've been blogging for that long. I've hidden half of all my older posts to private. Sometimes reading my older posts, I feel like such a kid back in 2009 to now the more mature version of myself. It's already mid January 2014, it felt like only yesterday when I went out dining with some new friends on New Year's Eve.

TWO - O - ONE - FOUR. Which means I'm going to be 24. Soon 25 then, mid twenties. I haven't achieved much in the first quarter of my life (let's say imma live till 100), I'm still settling myself in this new city. It's really difficult when you don't have any real friends. Thinking of how I finally graduated last year; student's life over. I kinda regret that I didn't party and play out as much as possible. I will never be able to play as much. No more school holidays. Real life begins now.

Apparently the year of the horse, meaning my year isn't exactly that smooth- especially for my health. The funnier thing is, feng shui masters says "Love is around the corner". I highly doubt that in my case, we shall see!

;) 2014... go!! And for the best things ever coming up. I'm finally going back to Singapore for Chinese New Year. The last time I actually spent real chinese new year was in 2007! Gonna taste the new experience again :)

p.s. i think this theme is falling apart, new errors are popping out, and I don't know why, it's time for another new change I guess