I just realized how little posts there are this october! Thanks to the little field trip last saturday, I have zillions of photos; which i've selected 30+ of them to share :) So yeah; kinda last minute plan to get almost everything done on friday night. Seriously, the Bilbao trop dropped on a very bad date, which led to a very difficult time this week in the beginning. I practically slept at 1am friday night and had to be up by 5 to leave the house to reach school for the meeting at 6.45AM! The worse case was that, i originally had to to take my train at 5.38am, but it turned out that there wasn't a train that early on saturday. I had to trouble dad to fetch me to school at such wee hours, and then to pick me up at night when the distance to cover is soo far!

In order to make our transport price cheaper, our teacher decided that the trip would be open to everyone from school. We ended with 51 passengers with a little less than half of those youngsters. In the morning, our trip there, the bus was reasonably quiet and peaceful because practically everyone is sleeping! I took my chance at snapping photos through the window seat to get a nice shade of the morning sky! First stop was to the Guggenheim Museum, luckily we managed to get free entrance, but the sadder part would be cameras are forbidden, even if there where other tourists who managed to snap photos. But my camera was too difficult to get out of my bag with all my stuffs D:

From lunch time onwards, it was free and easy, I didn't really had time to prepare sandwiches, so I had to go around searching for shops to buy something to eat, and meanwhile, i came upon wedding couples!

I had this super lucky shot to have a clear front shot of the bride! I think she saw me though :)

Then, I found this kebab store together with Clementine and decided to try it out, but goodness, THEY WERE SLOW LIKE HELL! Every moment took like 3minutes instead of 3 seconds! ARGH It took us 30minutes to get our kebab and wrap done! Plus watching them get our kebab done. I can't be assured by their level of hygienes. I was wondering if i would get sick or something, but PHEW! i'm all fine :)

This is my long waited wrap! The taste is pretty good, but a little bit too salty. Lucky it taste good, ~_~ If not i'd be complaining like mad!

Then poof! Another bride around the corner :) Looks like wedding couples like to go to Bilbao for their wedding photoshoots!

Ah, didn't snap a shot of how long that wrap is, couldn't finish it, it was way too much for me; but i still managed to finished it till it left like 2cm of wrap left. ^-^ Time for work! The main purpose of coming to Bilbao was to snap photos based on the theme Guggenheim building. O.o Kinda expensive as an assignment, =_=

From the riverside view...

(Photo heavy post!)

Opposite of the river, those 2 mega hugee mansions, woo, if i were rich! I would wanna live there, with my collection of pretty cars, LOL Plus those bright orangy/red autumn leaves made the whole mansion looked a lot cooler :)

Let's explore!

Enjoying the sun aren't we? ^-^

Lucky chance to snap photos when they let of those mist around the bridge =3 Just after, I had to walk up a super scary tower! Goodness, it was soo scary for me that i couldn't do anything without MJ holding my hands! YAD The tower was made with simply metal bars, those see through grill bars - i don't know what is it called =_= Overall, there's a lot of holes where you can see the ground below like 10 stories below TT_TT Mad scary, I couldn't take it. Had to quickly get out to a solid place

Part of a hugeee bridge.. makes everything more stable; YET! When a bus zoomed pass, the whole bridge seems to be like shivering =_=

I just love this street. It looks soo different, compared to Bordeaux or Singapore,

Hiding behind MJ; haha

The famous art piece of Jeff Koons, floral dog! And my favorite style of photos =3

Overview ;)

Waiting for everyone to meet up at the meeting point for departure, MJ, Annabelle and Clementine.

Highways in Spain :) I love those little houses; they are soo cute!

Well, really time to go home?! Driver had to pay toll fees :P It has been a long long time that I have not been out for a road trip. It's best to go with dad's renault espace.

The return trip was horrible. Those youngsters are horribly noisy, they couldn't stop shouting and laughing out, really loud. Plus it was really uncomfortable; the whole bus became a lot more squeezy somehow :X That's it! My first field trip after three years! Tsk tsk, I heard they wanted to organize another one to go to Paris somewhere in Nov. But it seems too impossible; plus it'd cost 150€ at least, way too much; especially it's only for the transport itself :/ I'm never going to fork out that 150€... its way too much.