Beauty & the Beast

Would you believe it if I told you that my trip to London in July was mainly just to eat? (≧y≦*)

At the same time, it was also Paula’s birthday. We quickly gave excuses telling ourselves that it’s a celebration. Before the trip was planned, Paula was already excited about the Beauty and the Beast Afternoon Tea by The Kensington Hotel. So I practically flew to London just for this, and then it spread out into a series of afternoon teas and snackings.

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You’ll have to book a table in advance if you don’t want to be disappointed. We booked a table for a friday afternoon. There wasn’t a lot of people in the beginning, but after we settled down, more people started arriving. I feel like it’s a very English thing to sip a glass of champagne on a friday afternoon. I don’t take alcohol well these days so we just went for the classical teas. (^ω^)

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Be our guests
— beauty and the beast

As you can see, all the food are themed around Beauty and the Beast. It’s funny how the waiters sometimes borrow Mrs Potts or Cogsworth from our table for other guests. In regards to that, I do feel a little cheated つ´Д`)つ Because it was all about the experience right? Where’s the experience if I lose Mrs Potts or Lumiere from my table. Then again, it’s not like they’re edible anyway. In that sense, I was a little disappointed because I expected the whole experience to be a little more magical. Or maybe I was expecting too much ☆*ヾ(-∀・*)*+☆

On another hand, the waiters were super friendly and motivated to help us take photos.

Overall the food was great! Paula recently had some allergies to salmon, so she had her sandwich replaced by a chicken one. The sandwiches were tasty. With a lot of carbs, the afternoon set was very filling. We could hardly finish everything from our plates. The Afternoon tea basically occupied all our stomach space for dinner. However the Afternoon tea wasn’t cheap either, the bill came up to 94,50£ because there’s an additional service charge.

I guess it’s a worthy once a while experience. But the Afternoon tea is only available till 20th November 2018, so hurry up if you’re a Disney fan!

I have found that most troubles seems less troubling after bracing a cup of tea
— Mrs Potts