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It's time to start blogging seriously again after a huge revamp! I'm starting an artsy column to share the flow of my creative juices. I'm at the phase of life that I should document everything. 

I don't think that I've shared before that I can paint. It's required during my earlier school days, but I usually suck at painting with acrylics. But after I developed digital painting interest, somehow my acrylic painting improved as well. Improved — as in improved blending, as if it was Photoshop blending modes. But I'm not joking; ha

In recent years, I've somewhat picked up acrylics again. But I didn't want to go back to the traditional old school brushing that I was used to. I decided to try out palette knives. I'm still not used to it, but I'm slowly adapting and mixing mediums. I gotta say I'm very pleased with the layering textures :)

 As you may have noticed, I draw a lot with my Pental Ink brush as seen here. Originally,  I wasn't that clever to think of mixing mediums. It was because I failed my painting, while desperately trying to salvage it, I decided to pick up my trusty brush pen to draw over it. After some trials and errors, it turned out pretty awesome.

There, there— I've developed a new style **a round of applause**
I started painting this because I didn't know what to prepare as a farewell gift for a friend who was leaving France. She used to live around the Montmartre area, and love it so much. I thought that maybe I could make a little tableau replica of the frenchy vibes that she perhaps love. 


Artsy Montmatre Acrylic paint