Arcachon Pizzaria


A threat to a typical styled pizzaria in arcachon :)

A bit of group shot. Woo yeah; Uncle Daniel's finance came to France for a visit ;)

The entry is way too long, hadda crop a little, click to read and drool on those yummiliscious food!

Heh; apparently they are famous for their pizzas or something, i'm not too sure either. But Uncle daniel recommended their Margret de Canard in Cognac sauce. So we ordered an additional pizza to share among all of us.

My portion of Margret de canard. Their serving is huge! Especially with their tagliatelle's, they should have come out with better menus. Instead of huge portions of tagliatelle, they could have added fresh salad and fries or something. Apparently their cooking standards dropped ARGH cuz i wanted my canard to be medium raw but i find it too cooked ~_~ I think that it'd be worse if it's well done >^<

Dad's entrecote with spaghetti~

Auntie Maria's Entrecote carbonara! I think her's tastes the best out of all our dishes... oh man; i can't believe that i didn't snap a photo of my 21st presents from them! the swarovski's pen i wanted to buy!!! I originally wanted to buy the set; but ended up auntie maria got it for me :) THANKYOU!

So then, after dinner, went to walk a long the beach; headed to Cafe de la Plage for desert... and i tried taking a panorama shot; TT_TT Not that awesomely done. Didn;t have my tripod; so i just anyhow snap!

Part of it; then.......

taada!! kinda fail at certain areas! but the next time imma bring my tripod!