Airbus 380


I am back from Singapore ;) !!! Once again, I have a huge stack of photos to post. But then again school started... Today is the first weekend. This year's timetable feel pretty relaxed. So maybe updating my little online space isn't that hard. But thinking of the 950 photos shot at Taiwan seems like a headache. These airbus 380 shots were taken when i left for Singapore on the 24th! 

The purpose of this trip was for my brother. Been living so long in France, he had finally finished his Lycée school life, but still being a Singaporean he still has to serve the military for two years. So this is a goodbye trip bro.

I love taking planes, I enjoy the moments when I'm still thinking about what I'll be doing when you get there, what will I be eating when I reach. Who will i be seeing etc. Then while I'm on the plane I like to take photos of clouds. But this flight was on the wrong timing for pretty clouds!

I've nothing much to say about Airbus A380 actually. It's just huge. There used to have a section of economy class in the second level but they switched everything to level one, I prefer level 2 because window seats have extra cupboard ;) It's a little more spacious in my opinion :) 

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