a typical weekend


i am maddd addicted to these. which is rather horrible. i kinda name it home-style haagen dazs. because that's basically what i order when ever i go to their boutique. except that mine, isn't exactly that beautiful, plus the portion is smaller :D

summer has just begin... the usual workouts for dad. uncle wang came over to repair his car. yes- most of the time, my house seems to be like a car garage. their seems to last forever, so my parents decided to call a couple friends over for dinner :) Uncle Daniel had to bring JD along. if not it'd be such a waste! I'd let the pictures speak for themselves

this little boy; i get the feeling that he's afraid of the camera lens! whenever i approach too near, he'd start to walk away ;X

after chasing him around, time to eat =3

too bad, buddy-yo! you can't eat but at least you can enjoy the smell heh-heh

Auntie Kim brought soup and roasted port in addition of the 3 dishes mom cooked. Heh, after eating my homestyle haagen-dazs, i controlled myself a bit for not eating too much.

Speaking about eating, tomorrow would be quite a day! Will be having lunch at Fufu's! their delicious ramen XD And Haagen Dazs for dinner, followed by Harry Potter 8! I hope i won't cry :X And off to Isa's house for the night :) Then joining Jooooyyyyoooodaa thursday evening for some photo sessions :D Let's hope it'd be FUN ^^