A quarter century

I'm 25! A quarter century!
I'm 25! A quarter century!

Still can't believe that I'm a quarter century old!

When was the last time you received a postcard to wish you a happy birthday? The land of slow mails have been disappearing, but I got a reminder to open and double/triple check my letterbox for a postcard today. This little card was hiding below a mini pile of supermarket catalogs. As soon as I saw the colorful greetings, I felt so touched! Thank you Felicia for the little surprise! Unfortunately, all of my closest friends are so far away from me. It's quite sad though. I'd just have to endure 4months... and I'd be able to see them. There's no plans for celebration, all I'm thinking about is going home after work (yes, I didn't take the day off) and cook some instant ramyeon for dinner (because I weirdly always have cravings for them/ Do you?). Because they say you needa eat noodles on your birthday to have a long life. But who knows? Maybe I have some faraway friend, surprising me on my door step! Even though, the truth is– I feel like 25th is one of the milestone age that I needa wreck a havoc and celebrate it with a bang...

Either way, there's no new resolutions either. More like, I should tell myself to stop buying ice creams. It's getting more and more difficult to lose weight! Haha...

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