A bad day in life


Remember this "very eventful" day?! Well, it became illustrated under Isabelle's wonderful comic illustration; i love it so much that I absolutely had to share! :)

it's soo cute! there's myself in it; HA; if ever i had such skinny legs! Then, she took the time to draw my headphones and my canon 60D! HHHAAHAHAHAA; her little fanart corner for Snape 8) Sad scene though.

I'm still alive!!! it's only the third week! I'm still making it through those pure-hardcore lessons. Somehow, a shocking emotion when that teacher gave more concern, it felt freaking weird, being kind isn't her forte >^< So you'd suspect like hell! Then there's a mini outing on the 22 October! **Sigh** i don't think it's a good idea, there's too much stuffs going on. the worse part is that somehow theres' A LOT of deadline along the 24 October; THAT WEEK! TCSH!.. Besides that, imma bring back LOTSA PHOTOS!

Anyway, meanwhile just go and listen to this song :

Yep! it's from Gazette. Just a random update on gazette's new songs when i heard my brother listening to Guren. Then i found this!~ It's very different. I mean, for once their music video's actually so melodrama-ish! LOL But i don't like Ruki's hair style, a little too feminine. Somehow the cooler image was gone. But i love the piano combos, Ruki's smexxxy voice! HA;

Besides gazette stuffs; jaejoong's angelic voice is unbeatable too, different styles and this one just melts your heart! Especially if you finished watching Protect the BOSS 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) I'm not gonna rant too much about it, heh! for once; imma try to exercise self-control; LOOL If not i won't be able to sleep either; HA The ending is perfect too; even though i'd wish for MORE :D So till then, good night!!!!

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