Hello Spring

I've been away for more than a month! Heh; those sounds kinda correct coming from my habits. But well; it's finally Spring! Probably got a little sick of wearing too many layers of sweaters and coat. I love to showoff my legs for bit. I mean, it's been some time they had fresh chilly air! No more stockings, no more warms.

So many things happened...
but I can't help but want to have a change of something

As you can see, Twopartsofone has been reborn! I've moved my entire blog over to Squarespace. Almost not much design difference, grids still seem to be the best, but I was maybe a little bored of the different grid-size items. It's a complete different experience on Squarespace compared to Wordpress, but the major moving point was that Squarespace is so practical. For a lazy-bum+overloaded-worker, it's kinda useful! I took the expensive leap, but I lost all the comments *woops*
Oh, another major point... I'm still hoping to get my print shop open! Unfortunately, it's not ready yet! But head over to Studio to find out a little more :) Or if you found anything wrong, please do comment and let me know! Thank you!

I went back to my countryside and got a nice break some time ago. As usual, Spring breaks so much earlier down south! But Paris is getting good vibes these days. Sakuras blossoming everywhere, even though I haven't really figure out where exactly to see those gorgeous sites, I'm sure it will come! Best of all, I'm almost baring my legs everyday, haha...

Those little sad times made me decided to leave on a short trip. I'd be leaving to the Land of Oppas next Monday. I'm slowly replenishing my lost items, for instance, I got myself a new Canon 6D! I mean, how can I leave for a holiday without a camera? (So pardon my following updates, the photos are mostly shot with iPhone) Insurance company seems to be doing their job, though still being a little prick sometimes. 

Till then, I'd be back!