2015 Bucket List


After three weeks of holidays, I am back in Paris.

With my extra overweight baggage as well as 2 kg of fats on my tummy, arms, face, basically everywhere.  I-KID-YOU-NOT. Plus after getting myself immersed into Oh My Venus's world, the motivation to work out kinda increased a little, but I just need my very personal "sexy chobal chobal" John Kim. Oh wait, I did had one, but he wasn't into me... but I can still dream.

If you've been following my instagram– which I've been trying to update as regularly as possible, you'll be able to see the heaps amount of food I've had for the last three weeks of December. The parties that I've been to. The temples that I've prayed to, the trees and leaves that I've seen. After a week of terrible jetlag, here I am, slowy— trying to get my tempo back. (And I thought I would be able to get some blogging done while traveling, who was I kidding? Heh– myself)

2015 Bucket list – Tattoo: Always keep the faith
2015 Bucket list – Tattoo: Always keep the faith

2015 started out with a bucket list which I managed to complete it. In fact it's my "by 25 years old, I needa have these done" list. Such as getting my very first tattoo approval— even if the quote is so much inspired by TVXQ's motto (shhh), but trust me, it's about my life that I've had so far, never giving up hope. Try to find a place to live in my favorite neighborhood, jumping into the Chanel world of luxuries (that meant– collecting their bags ha, which I also got to work with), designing my first book, traveling with friends overseas, which I also managed to start traveling alone even if it's for 48 hours. Go #YOLO.

I've managed to do all of these in 2015, where I thought 2015 was rather boring. Most of my good friends have left Paris. I'm the last one standing. But I guess I'd meet more people. Work on better projects. I have no idea what's my resolution for 2016 though. Maybe get fit and toned a.k.a signing up for gym. But considering my love for pastries, Paris is a terrible place to live in.

Stay tuned for all my vacation updates, especially about my geekologue trip to Tokyo! And meanwhile...

Happy 2016!!!

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