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I'm Carol. I am a Designer, Art Director.


I am from sunny island, Singapore but I grew up in the south-west of France. Sometimes I feel like I have two personalities from two different cultures. That's how twopartsofone came about. I actually think in English, Mandarin and French. Sometimes, I describe stuffs in french and yet I have absolutely no idea how to translate it in English nor Mandarin and vice versa.

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Living in multiple cities in France for almost 17 years, I am currently back in Singapore for another new adventure. Who know where exactly is my next destination.

Qualitfications. Master Degree in Visual Communications
Currently. Full-time independent designer playing with inks, acrylics and adobe suite in the office.


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A different name?

Yes! I'm quite glad that you mentioned. This blog was called the Exquisistic box, since 2009. The name was quite complicated, and not everyone seemed to be able to remember it. So I renamed it to my instagram username. Long before it became more like a blog, I used to run the now-hideous xfantasywingsx.
Yep, I belong to the generation who started making pre-made website templates. 

By the way, this blog is also listed at

What tools am I using?

Lettering wise, I've had people liking the font that I have on some photos. Unfortunately, that's not a font, those are just my hand writing on a Wacom Intuos 4. Or handwritten scripts scanned and edited on photoshop.

Camera tools: CANON 6D + 24-70mm / 50mm / iPhone XS Max


If you're interested in a collaboration, or in need of any advice, please do drop me a mail! (Or even just to have a chat)

Social Media. @twopartsofone



As I've introduced, I am a designer. All contents are created by me unless otherwise stated. It takes a lot of time and effort.

Please respect my work and do no redistribute without permission nor credit. Thank you!